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Unboxing and Set Up of Your New PER4MAX Wheelchair

Ever wonder how to set up your new chair, or make that quick repair or tune-up before the next game? Wondering how you can achieve peak performance with your Per4max? Welcome back to Maintenance Monday’s with Per4max

We’re proud to bring you this latest installment of Maintenance Mondays as another way we can help empower you, the Per4max community, to keep your wheelchair tuned up so you can perform to the max in the game and in life.

How to unbox and set up your new p4x wheelchair

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We will continue to push and innovate a product that will allow anyone with a disability and the right attitude to achieve any goal they may have, from the courts to the classroom, and everything in between performance to the MAX!!

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2 thoughts on “Unboxing and Set Up of Your New PER4MAX Wheelchair

  1. MetroTripper says:

    Awesome. Do you have a page that lists all the components that come in the box?

    1. TEAM PER4MAX says:

      We have owner’s manual pdfs for all of the chairs — which chair do you have?

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