The Annual PER4MAX Shootout is taking place at the 2020 NWBA National Tournament! One athlete from each JV and Varsity Team may represent their team – Team Directors must register their chosen athlete prior to the event.

    The event will be against the clock shooting from spots next to ball racks & the top scores advance – awarding ONE lucky athlete with a brand new PER4MAX THUNDER SPORTS CHAIR and the title of  “2020 PER4MAX SHOOTOUT CHAMPION”.

    TIME & DATE:

    • Friday, March 13, 2020
    • 12:00pm – 1:30pm
    • Feature Court 10


    • Each participant will receive a reversible P4X practice jersey.
    • Runner up gets a set of SPINERGYS Wheels and some P4X merch.
    • Grand Prize is a Custom PER4MAX with Spinergy wheels and P4X merch.


    • To Register, send the name of the athlete and team in the text box to the left or directly email marketing@per4max.com with the subject line P4X SHOOTOUT.


    • Shots must be taken with at least one wheel touching a P4X spot on the court, with the spots inside the 3pt line is worth 1 point and outside the 3pt line being worth 2 points.
    • Each shooter will have 1 ball and must rebound their own shots
    • Round ONE will be 30 seconds with each shooter’s score being recorded
    • The top 16 shooters will be placed into a single-elimination bracket
    • Each round following will be 30 seconds head to head – The winner advancing to the next round
    • For the Semi-Finals and Finals, the time for each round will increase to 60 seconds
    • In case of a tie, there will be an overtime of 15 seconds in the early rounds and 30 seconds in the Semi-Finals and/or Finals.