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Skye Mini is compact, agile, and very durable.


The X-Fit adds functional yet discrete additions to our everyday chair that allows CrossFit athletes to achieve a more dynamic workout. With an integrated kettle ball loop and removable fifth wheel, Crossfit athletes can get the desired weight and stability required to complete their eXtreme workouts! We also incorporated barbel supports capable of holding 400lbs plus to the front of the chair that swings away when not in use. If you have X-Fit needs contact us as we are happy to make your ideas a reality with PER4MAX X-Fit!


Skye is compact, agile, and very durable.


The Shockwave is the most innovative and lightweight suspension chair on the market.


The Lightning is uniquely designed to every order, our engineers are standing by! Contact your local sales rep, or download the order form to get your Lightning!