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Need a replacement Tube? Please Choose the correct size. (Sold in quantity of 1)


Replace and refresh the feel of your Sports chair with 72mm casters all the way around. Or make fine tune adjustments to your chair with mini 59mm micro casters. Typically used to adjust the rear wheel height.


Kenda makes an excellent tire for sports or everyday use. Tires sold individually.


Primo V-Track/Racer tires are a great choice for your everyday or sport needs! The Primo is the tire that comes Standard on our chairs.  At a very reasonable price this is the recommended OEM replacement tire for all PER4MAX models! Tires sold separately!


The M2 Ratcheting Click strap comes in a 8″, 10″ and 12″ variation and is designed to securely attach you to your wheelchair all while insuring comfort and durability. Good for securing hips, knees, and feet the M2 Strap is engineered with quality materials to insure durability and style!

PR1MO Sentinel Black Tire

The Primo Sentinel Wheelchair Tire is a non-marking black tire with a grooved tread pattern that provides premium traction, while minimizing rolling resistance.  A dual layer nylon casing and 3mm LDP anti-puncture insert prevents long-term debris accumulation while maintaining the integrity or a lighter rolling, longer lasting tire.


  • Available in 24″, 25″ or 26″
  • Directional Tire
  • Tires sold individually

Schwalbe Speed Air Tire

Schwalbe “SpeedAir” Wheelchair Tires are designed for the elite level athlete looking to maximize chair performance. Ideal for competitive wheelchair basketball, the Schwalbe SpeedAir handles up to 145 PSI/ 10 Bars, resulting in ultra low rolling resistance and responsive chair handling. The “SpeedAir” offers 50/50 tread pattern with a thin angled strip to ride on, and a knurled outside for maximum grip. Tires sold separately.

Available in 24″- 25″- 26″


1/2″ Quick Release Axle complete with nut and P4X Logo for Everyday Chairs.

Custom Anodized Soft-Roll Casters (Sold Individually)

The PER4MAX Anodized Soft-Roll Casters (Available in 4×1.5 and 5×1.5) are designed for all active wheelchair users looking for the ultimate smooth ride.


As a result of their lightweight yet durable design, this 1.5 width caster wheel will give you a quick roll and an easy turn. Additionally, the rounded poly-tire offers little resistance for maximum maneuverability. Available in an assortment of custom colors!


1/2″ Quick Release Axle recommended for your PER4MAX Sports Wheelchair.

P4X Dust Caps (Set of 2)

Need a new set of Dust Caps? Whether you like the classic P4X logo (3D printed) or quality aluminum (also offered in anodized red and blue colors), we’re here to keep your chair looking fresh.

*Please note that these are anodized and may not match Powder Coat colors.


Also known as “The Jeff”, this long sleeve hooded t-shirt is the epitome of comfort and style. The Jeff is not only perfect on its own, but also great for layering.


This ball-bag is a must-have for Wheelchair Tennis players! Keep your next ball close and your head in the game.

Schwalbe Rightrun Tire Pair

Schwalbe Right Run Wheelchair Tire offers 2 grips on smooth sidewalls that are gentle on the hands and also features a Puncture Protection belt! Don’t worry about skid-marks on floors because Schwalbe uses their very own revolutionary central tread compound, Black’n’Roll, developed in Schwalbe’s labs.


  • Available in 24″, 25″, and 26″
  • 23-540, 559, 590
  • Available in Grey/ Black only

Tire Changing Tool Kit

Now is the time to take back your independence and learn how to change your wheelchair tire!

Check out this video of #teamPER4MAX employees Chris and Danny walk you through the steps, show you the tools that make it easy and offer some tips and tricks learned throughout the years!

This tire changing tool kit comes with 1 Tire Putter-Onner and 2 Tire Spoons.

Tire Lever ( aka Tire Put-er On-ner)

Now is the time to take back your independence and learn how to change your wheelchair tire! Our Tire Lever ( Tire Put-er On-ner) is an ESSENTIAL tool to make changing your tire quick and easy!

Check out this video of #teamPER4MAX employees Chris and Danny walk you through the steps, show you the tools that make it easy and offer some tips and tricks learned throughout the years!

You can also check out our tire changing tool kit which comes with 1 Tire Putter-Onner and 2 Tire Spoons.

SCHWALBE Marathon Plus Tire

The Schwalbe Marathon Plus Tire incorporates a 5mm- Thick SmartGuard layer that almost eliminates flats over the course of the tires’s life span.  A portion of the protection belt is made of recycled natural rubber, with “anti-aging” sidewall construction that can withstand typical overloading caused by low inflation for much longer.  Tire operates at 145ps/ 10 bar offering reduced rolling resistance while protecting you from punctures through dangerous obstacles such as broken glass and thorns. Wheel with confidence on any surface with Schwalbe Marathon Plus, the ultimate upgrade for your everyday wheelchair! Tires sold individually.

Available in 24″, 25″ 26″ X 1″

(25-540, 559, 590)

PER4MAX Cup Holder

Everyone’s favorite everyday chair accessory is finally available on! The PER4MAX Cup Holder is the perfect solution for keeping a pre-workout or post-game beverage at your fingertips. Additionally, it’s not only compatible with PER4MAX chairs, but TiLite as well.


You cant go wrong with a plain P4X Tee! This shirt is classic, comfy and as versatile as it gets. Whether you pair it with jeans, leggings or wear it to the gym, you’ll always look fresh in your PER4MAX merch.

27” IRC Exeracer Pro Tire

The Exeracer Pro tire offers several benefits that no other tire has. Silica is mixed into their tread compound to achieve a unique grip and performance that only IRC has. They don’t lose their grip over time and and stay on the 27″ rim better than any other brand! The rubber is also antibacterial! Available for 27″ wheel only. Tires sold individually.